Deeter custom manufacture level sensors and float switches according to customers’ specifications to provide effective bespoke solutions. We can combine your specifications with our expertise in level sensor design to develop a custom solution to suit your requirements.

We can develop completely bespoke designs, manufacture level sensors to your own designs or modify the design of our existing range of level sensors and float switches to meet your needs.
Below are a few examples of custom designs that we have manufactured to fit customer specifications.

This is a custom made sensor for a client which was to be used in ultra pure water requiring suitable materials specific to this requirement. The client sent in a design spec. Alterations included a custom length PVC shaft, polypropylene float, PVC 1 inch BSP fitting, 0.25m cable with 3.5mm jack socket and plug connector and 4 switching levels across the shaft.

This customer had many application specific requirements for this bespoke sensor, these being: the ability to handle high temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius and down to -50 degrees Celsius, cylindrical float instead of standard spherical float and shaft to be of standard size ASTM A269.

The design for this sensor was given by the customer. They needed the level sensor to be able to withstand the corrosive environment it will be working in. The sensor was subjected to a high solvent atmosphere therefore the shaft was made of a stainless steel and the float was made of polypropylene. The end stops were laser welded to produce a strong closure against the solvent. The design is very narrow to be able to fit in the required application.

If you have a requirement for a liquid level sensor or float switch which is not covered by our existing range of level sensors & float switches or you would like to customise one of our standard designs, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone on +44 (0)1494 566046 and one of our technical sales representatives will be more than happy to talk you through a solution.