The deeternet® Wireless Gateway operates as the heart of a deeternet® Wireless Sensor Network. The Gateway allows for the remote monitoring of up to 200 sensor signals via a PC.

The network is easily configured with each connection registering with the Gateway once and then being remembered by the network. The network itself is self-organizing and the addition of deeternet® Wireless Routers will allow for the network to optimize connections with the Gateway.

The deeternet® Wireless Sender allows customers to take an existing wired sensor and connect it wirelessly to the Gateway removing the need to replace the existing sensor with a more expensive wireless version.

Wireless communication uses the internationally recognised IEEE 802.15.4 protocol in the 2.4GHz ISM radio band. Range can be more than 1km, subject to environmental factors, and greater distances can be achieved by incorporating the deeternet® Wireless Router.

When connected to a LAN the deeternet® Wireless Gateway data can be viewed on any device connected to the LAN. This is controlled via username and password but allows engineers to access the data from any device with access to the LAN, and a supported web browser. The LAN can also be configured to allow remote (outside the LAN) access to the Gateway sensor data.

The deeternet® Wireless Gateway can handle up to 200 Sensor inputs in an optimised system using 40 deeternet® Wireless Senders and a network of a minimum of 4 deeternet® Wireless Routers. This setup allows for 160 discrete input signals and 40 Resistive inputs such as a Deeter LVCS Sensor.





ManagementHTTPS Web Interface, Password access control, IP service port controlSecurityTBC
ProtocolsTCP/IPDimensions134 x 135 x 50mm
Total MemorySD CardWeight290g
LEDsTBCWireless ProtocolIEEE 802.15.4
AntennaHalf Wave dipoleAntenna Dimensions96mm
Ports1x RJ-45 PortPhysical Layer100 Base-TX
Power Input10V-26VPower Supply12VDC @<200mA
Operating Temp-20°C to +70°CIP RatingIP41


Download the deeternet® Wireless Gateway Datasheet